Urban Tech Xchange Facilitates Real-World Testing to Create Sustainable Urban Solutions

Nearly six months ago the Urban Tech Xchange (UTX) launched in Detroit – an innovative lab hosting a series of startups to advance smart city technologies. UTX is a collaboration between Bedrock, Bosch, Cisco, and KODE Labs and is operated by NextEnergy. The space provides a real-world test facility for the progression of sustainable urban […]

Bosch and Sustainability in Detroit


Bosch is a Germany-based global supplier of technology and services that employs 421,000 employees worldwide in over 60 companies. It has technical centers in Farmington Hills and Plymouth. We spoke to Tracy Rosol, carbon neutrality coordinator for the U.S. and Canada, about how the company approaches and manages sustainability. Q: How does Bosch approach carbon […]

Automotive Leaders Discuss Navigating the Shift to Mobility

Automotive always has been a technology-driven industry, but in the next ten years, there is likely to be more change in the industry than there has been in the last hundred. And much of that change will be taking place in Michigan. That shift – which moves automotive toward becoming a more sustainable industry – […]