Vehya – Working to Help Consumers and Businesses Electrify Faster


Detroit-based Vehya is a two-year-old marketplace, which offers services to businesses and individuals looking to adopt EV technology. SBN Detroit interviewed founder and CEO William McCoy to find out more. Q: What can you tell us about Vehya? A: Vehya (pronounced and meaning “via”) is a marketplace for electrification. With everyone moving (or trying to […]

Improved Green Loan Access for Detroit Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Residents


In 2009, the State of Michigan created the nation’s first nonprofit “green bank” called Michigan Saves. The organization provides credit enhancements for credit unions and other lenders that reduce their loan default risk. In exchange, the lenders lower interest rates to help homeowners to pay for home improvements that reduce fossil fuel use, such as […]

DTE Talks About the Challenges and Opportunities in Building and Adopting EV Infrastructure


Widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption is crucial for achieving climate goals. However, the pace of EV adoption varies significantly across different income sectors, markets, and geographies. There are significant barriers to EV entry that are hindering the overall pace of electrification including lack of charging infrastructure (range anxiety), charger access disparities, and affordability. Addressing these […]