EcoWorks: Addressing Climate Change by Enabling Sustainable Communities

EcoWorks is a nonprofit that works at the intersection of community development and sustainability. Based in Detroit, EcoWorks serves residents, households, community organizations, businesses, and municipalities, working to create just, equitable, and inclusive solutions to climate change. SBN Detroit spoke with Briana DuBose, EcoWorks executive director, to find out more. Q: Tell us about EcoWorks […]

DTE Energy’s Agenda for Mitigating Climate Change

SHAWN PATTERSON, VP, ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND SAFETY, DTE ENERGY, AND MEMBER OF THE SBND LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE, SHARES HIS PERSPECTIVE ON MITIGATING CLIMATE CHANGE AS A TOP PRIORITY. When you’ve been in business a while, you come to understand that there is no such thing as “just business.” What we do impacts our communities, our customers, […]

Mitigating Climate Risks to Michigan’s Forestry Industry

More than half of Michigan is forested, with 20 million acres making up a vital part of the state’s landscape. Millions of acres of Michigan forest land are used to produce timber, a renewable and sustainably managed resource that supports many industries. The forests also provide other values, including wildlife habitat and watershed protection, and […]

Gulay Serhatkulu, Setting the Right Priorities for a Climate Neutral and Circular Future


SBN Detroit interviews Dr. Gulay Serhatkulu, BASF Senior Vice President of Performance Materials North America. This business encompasses the entire materials know-how of BASF regarding innovative, customized plastics under one roof and is globally active in four major industry sectors – transportation, construction, industrial applications, and consumer goods. Serhatkulu joined BASF in 2006 as a […]